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Raising the bar again in 2011...

Raising the bar again in 2011...

With contributions from individuals such as the Kroger shoppers, to the donations from the corporations and local businesses, to the hard work from all of the volunteers are what makes the Race for Riley such a success.  There are people that host events, give John Andretti and Dave Wilson donations as they go from event to event and even those who bid on auction items.  It really doesn't matter as each event is very special with someone always lending a hand or making a contribution to the efforts to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children.  As the hospital continues to care for more children, it seems that others feel the need to give more to support their hard work and dedication that every child is cared for regardless of ability to pay. 

Please be sure to Thank those that have given by patronizing their businesses or simply by saying "thank you" for the support. 

Amazing people, Amazing cause for an Amazing place!