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Comedian Jeffrey Jena to appear at Progressive Dinner...

Comedian Jeffrey Jena to appear at Progressive Dinner...

Corporate comedian Jeffrey Jena is on a roll!

At a time when a lot of guys his age are winding down their careers his is finding its second wind. At a time when a lot of guys in their late fifties are going their kid's college graduations he is coaching his son's 5th grade golf team.
In the 1980's and 1990's Jeff was one of the premiere comics on Television and the comedy club circuit. In the last ten years he has established himself as one of the top corporate and cruise entertainers in the country. "My audience," Jeff says, "has moved from smoky clubs to sleek cruise ships and private events, I just followed them." They have responded! At recent events he has received high praise and standing ovations for his blend of one liners, storytelling and touching personal tales. His act focuses on family and coming to fatherhood later in life. Both Jeff and his wife were well into their 40's when their son Miles arrived. "If you want the whole story," Jeff teased us, "you gotta see the show!" Here are a few quotes from some folks who have,

"...people LOVED him. VERY Happy we STRONGLY recommended Jeff!" Robin Wendland, Architectural Glass and Metal.

"He was an absolute joy to work with and I highly recommend him to everyone who wishes to have an event of a lifetime that will be talked about for years to come. It will be hard for me to create next year's party to top this one. He was the best!" Wanda Elliott Farmer, Human Resources- Camfil Farr Enjoy