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Race for Riley:
Helping Kids One Lap at a Time

Imagine if we lived in a world where no child suffers from illness, children recover from injury quickly and completely, and every child has an equal chance of growing to adulthood. Thanks to people like John Andretti and Dave Wilson and their support of Riley Hospital for Children, along with your support of the Kroger Race for Riley, we’re already on our way.

Four out of five children with leukemia can now look forward to full lives. Fewer children need heart transplants because of new, minimally invasive methods and techniques for treatment, many of which were pioneered at Riley. Indiana schools have more guidance than ever in making their environments safer for children with allergies and asthma, thanks to Riley’s leadership.

Riley Hospital continually receives awards and honors, such as these:

    * Riley is the only Indiana children’s hospital to be recognized for excellence by Child Magazine. Riley ranked 18th out of nearly 150 hospitals across the country. Riley’s neonatal intensive care unit earned recognition as one of the top five in the country. (Source: Child Magazine 2005)

    * 20 Riley doctors are included in the 2004 “America’s Top Doctors” consumer guide, as ranked by their peers nationwide. No other Indiana hospital has nearly as many doctors listed.

    * Riley is designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Institutes of Health and a member of the elite Children’s Oncology Group.

    * Riley is the only hospital in Indiana to have a pediatric cardiology lab accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories.

    * Riley is one of only two hospitals in the United States to receive emergency permission from the FDA to pioneer the “Berlin heart” for complex heart defects.

Amazingly, even with all these medical advances, Riley remains one of the most cost-effective children’s hospitals in the country, charging an average of 27 percent less than other hospitals. (Source: NACHRI)

But the best reward of all is in the faces of the children who enter Riley as seriously ill or injured kids, then leave to embark on a happy, fulfilling life.

Thank you for supporting John Andretti and Dave Wilson. And thank you for helping the kids at Riley Hospital for Children.

All money, 100% of donations, is sent directly to Riley Hospital for Children. Race for Riley is not a Foundation. All expenses are covered by private individuals, NOT by donations. You will never hear the word “Proceeds” because the donations are made directly payable to the hospital so that each donor knows that it is a true donation to Riley Hospital for Children.

Throughout the years, the event has been blessed with many volunteers, supporters, and friends to make all of this come together. We express great appreciation to everyone who makes this event possible. Although no one is paid money, everyone is rewarded with great memories and a feeling of giving to such an outstanding institution.